Thursday, May 01, 2008

oh look, its crap (o_o)/

Internet is back with full power so i will take the chance to update a little bit with crap.
Misc scribbles tests, pimped tegaki(will explain that later) and well, the usual old shit that you are already used to see from me >:) . Final Exam is stressy (its about breakdance. in case you are interested in the reason i´ve been drawing dancing people lately ,) ), nothing is going on, and i really dunno what to do. Terrible situation atm. and not much time :(

Saturday, April 12, 2008

found something...

...sorry so old, i actually wanted to work the sketches a little bit more out. XD

EDIT: Oh and something else. The Lady Oscar sketch is not for sale (cause some people asked)

You May Lose All the Rights to Every Piece of Art You Have Ever Created!

kay, since surfing around now a little it really seems to be an old thing, so sorry for riding on old issues. I still think that this is an interesting Thing so i let this post the way it is :>



I don´t know what effect this will have outside of the US...confusing confusing

EDIT: Someone knows more about this? or is just some rant going around? Now some say its fake, others say its true XDD

EDIT2: ah, this seems to sums it up better.

No new arts btw. :(

Sunday, March 02, 2008

junk junk junk + EDIT

junk, and some studies for the pepper project...i was invited, but totally forgot the deadline ^^;


Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nice Manga

Got plenty of stuff to post, but i don´t with what i could start. Its so boring anyway atm.
And cause i don´t want to make this post completly pointless i will show you some nice mangas i´ve read lately and that are quite nice imo.
All of these are at least (as far as i know) availble in Germany, France and Italy.

1. Shamo by Akio Tanaka (drawings) and Izou Hashimoto (story)

Well, i´ve been following this series for quite a qhile now, but was always afraid to buy book 19... due some licence Problems it won´t be published here any longer, what makes me pissed a little bit (guess i will have to import the books from now on). This Series is awsome.

What i personally like are (of course) the drawings (they are strong and dynamic) and mainly the character developement. Ryo isn´t really likeble at all, i totally disagree with his behaviour and the things he is doing most of the time, yet i want to know how the story goes on.

2. Vertraute Fremde (Harukana machi-e) by Jiro Taniguchi

This should be widely known, Taniguchi gots a lot of praise for his work for a while now. I recently saw it in a bookstore and thought i could give it a try.

I like the slow storytelling , there is no haste and you have a lot of insight to the characters personalitys. Drawings are brilliant aswell...

3.Subaru by Masahito Soda

A young girl and her talent for Ballett, i have just the first book, but i really like it so far. The drawings may look a bit rough, but i´ve rarely found an comic that carrys so much emotion like this one (i mean, it wa soverwhelming sometimes unfortunatly i havn´t found a good example on the net, and i don´t want to rip my book apart while scanning ;). The Story is for mature readers even though the main Character is a young girl. I´m curious how the series will develope :>

Friday, February 15, 2008

more nostalgia

Lady Oscar (Rose of Versailles) was really a nice show (though i´ve never seen more than a few episodes XD)

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Also serveral month old, i planned to make some lines from it. But even after such a long time i still think i should better let it in this sketchy form ( though i could have fixed her feet, but well...). Don´t want to ruin the dynamics.
Flat colours rule btw.

Sorry for not replying comments lately, i´m braindead from watching to much キーボードクラッシャー videos on nicovideo XDDD

Friday, February 01, 2008


Internship is over ( T_T it was sooo nice ), Homework is done (Yesss)...I´m officially free now...well at least for a month, next semester is my last. And i still have to prepare my diploma porject :(

But well, i try to get back to the groove, me needs to do more sketches...

Unfinished Nana fanart (wonderful manga *_*)....

EDIT: Honey, second try....and failed XDD But the lines were fun :>

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

comic stuff

Posting the comic stuff (or better said: Parts of it i´ve done for school almost an half year ago...i actually don´t want to show the whole thing cause its just messy, rushed and so much trash XDDD I think i will post some more concepts when i´ve cleaned my harddrive a bit.
Basicly i can say that this whole comic was some kind of test for me, and it was a lot of fun. Though, next time , i think, i will do the characters in cell shading and just the background painted :/

Some of these characters are not in the final result...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This should belong to my fansite, but cause i don´t want this blog to die i post it here, i broke the promise to post a background... -- .
Happy new year btw. i hope you all had a nice time? Christmas Holidays are over since two days and i started working again. The Semester is almost over, i am exited. In Summer i will be more school then :> It feels strange to think about that XDDD

reworking trainscribbles is surprisingly much fun.... and a good training for inking

(small warning for big file) far away from beeing done....