Monday, January 29, 2007

Acrylics, Oekaki and a bit about my life

EDIT: lol i hate whining , so i deleted this rant post XD

i have absolutely no idea when i did these ones, must be around this time last year :) Pimped the drawings/paintings a little bit in PS

oh, i like this shows one character of an Comic idea that i never realised. Black hair is so cool <3

this one also includes watercolor. I really like that effect when the pencil lines stil shine through a bit ...haha ,when i have more time and courage i will surely do an bigger picture just in Natural media XD I can´t believe that there was atime where i only used natural media <<

Oekaki´s, done with the old OekakiBBS aplet with the solids (that tool REALLY rocks).

and some Sketches

btw.....I´m´tired now

Friday, January 26, 2007


Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR :) and damn, it snows (oo) It was so warm during Christmas, then some days ago a storm was flying through Germany , and now , just out of nothing its so cold. Crazy.....

Whoa, can´t believe that so much time passed again (<_<)/ I really wanted to do an update on Christmas, cause i´ve done some christmas drawings XDDDD But then you just don´t look for a while, and its new year again (oo).
I don´t think that i want to write a big summary of the last year....just in short:
2006 was a good year full of cool work and 2007 will be even better ....nuff said.

I´ve updated the Links :> You better look, there are some nice new artists :D Like Peter Nguyen, Lesean Thomas, Chainsaw (check it out!!!), Roberto Goring, and more....i will sure add more links later on....
btw. Thank you for alle the nice comments and support lately :) Even though i don´t always answer, i´m very happy about them :D
Oh, and i have Painter 9.5 since end of December :D...AND i finished Zelda last year XD Such a great game <3

So its time now for a mega crap update, with some stuff i´ve done lately....mostly sketches and junk (can´t show finished things yet :/

A bit game talk.... This are sketches from the game Killer7 (Gamecube and PS2), its one of my most faviorite games ever. I think, back in 2002/2003 when it was first announced for GC only, I was totally in love with the style and music, i really followed the Progress......its so fresh and fun, and the story is great....but it was not very succesfull :/
Anyways, check the site out:
Hehe, maybe you can guess which Character is my faviorite ;)

Randoms :)

An oekaki with a character from Judith Park´s Manga which will be published in march (sorry, ist leider immer noch nicht fertig :< )

unfinished oekaki :)

Dont know , if i had postet this before...i once wantedt to do an illustration with red riding hood...maybe later :/

more Random

This is from my lifedrawing class i had last year, the model had nice clothes so i enjoyed this short poses very much, it was much fun :)

Speedpaintings and wips:

There are many test, i did with Painter, and i start to enjoy this software :) Especially the brushes with this crazy strucktures XDD Great :) Although i still use PHotoshop for some detail and help ;)

Midna <3 She´s so great, i alos have another junk with her..but its a spoiler :P

These one are from an school projekt about cats, i did much of these small simple pictures, but mostly random without an direction...I have now an better idea what i will do with the maybe i can show more next time :>

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Owned by the monkey

btw. I´m not dead ;) Just have so much work to do that i don´t find the time to scan and show some stuff....but i will soon post more stuff :)