Sunday, October 20, 2013


I got asked to participate this collaboration some time ago and happily joined. I´m really grateful to everyone beeing patient with me since I was so slow to finish my part ( I drew Storm)
Also a rare instance where I let another person color some of my lines! Scott Forbes put everything together and made it look cool :)

From left to right: W. Scott Forbes (Selene), Saskia Gutekunst (Storm), Kristafer Anka (Emma Frost), Alina Urusov (Tessa/Sage), Ricken (Madame Hydra) & Rodin Esquejo (Jean Grey).

wanted to paint another Storm after the collab ahaha and random sketches

WORK: Rage of Bahamut (mobile game) / World of Warcraft (TCG)

I´m going to post some sets when I have the permission to post them.

Created 2 Illustrations for the WoW Card Set Tomb of the Forgotten in 2011/2012
This was actually kind of challenging (not only cause I´m pretty unfamiliar with the WoW Universe) and my first work on a TCG

WORK: Samurai&Dragons (PSVita) / Kingdom Conquest 2 (mobile game) / Touch Magazine Tutorial (Print)/ Chinese Fantasy Art Magazine (Print)

I created some Card artwork for Sega´s Samurai&Dragons for PSVita(2 Cards so far) ( ENJP  )

I created some Card artwork for Sega´s Kingdom Conquest 2 (10 Cards so far)

Back in 2011 I created a smal step-by-step tutorial for Touch Magazine (Vol.6) by Shinyusha

Got  a small feature in Chinese Fantasy Art Magazine around 2011 as well

Sunday, June 02, 2013


Had these previously only on FB, next posts are going to contain new sketches. I promise :)

Friday, May 31, 2013