Saturday, May 24, 2008

tegaki krimskrams

Tegakistuff from, well maybe some month ago


Its a small online drawing tool based on flash. Quite limited with its features and there is no transparency...but damn it is SO addicting *_* I have used it lately to do some sketches with it, so i can overwork them later in Painter....
You guys should give it a try :D

btw. thank you for all the comments, and sorry that i never answer ._.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

oh look, its crap (o_o)/

Internet is back with full power so i will take the chance to update a little bit with crap.
Misc scribbles tests, pimped tegaki(will explain that later) and well, the usual old shit that you are already used to see from me >:) . Final Exam is stressy (its about breakdance. in case you are interested in the reason i´ve been drawing dancing people lately ,) ), nothing is going on, and i really dunno what to do. Terrible situation atm. and not much time :(