Friday, May 28, 2010

scribble spam

Sorted out some sketches, I´m sorry about all the random things but I guess, by now you are pretty much used to that ( given that you visit this blog regularly )

Inspired by japanese fashion magazines, that stuff is just tooooo cute <3

junk spam

old junks, all done in Painter

hehe, I did this when Capcom showed the first screens from the new Darkside Chronicles Scenario. I liked Umbrella Chronicles a lot and it even covers Resident Evil 2, so its needless to say that I was/am very exited about the game... but I havn´t played it yet :/

Oilbrush test

reworked that one too haha


Happens rarely, but I documented pretty much everything with this Illustration

EDIT: aaw crap, blogspot resized the image. Big version HERE

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ok, I said Moleskine but I still did not scan anything new, shame on me :(

This was one of the 3 Illustrations I did last October for Toronns ArtBook. You can buy it at 恵文社 ( more specificly here ) if you live in Japan, there is a the moment no other way to get it in printed form :(
EDIT: Ok, she says she is working so the book gets maybe (!!) availble for buyers outside of Japan . I´ll inform you when I have more info on that !
EDIT2: >> << Buy it now here :DDDD

I think I tried pretty much every Painter Brush at least once on this one XD

This was another Idea that I left half way through. I havn´t given up on it, but it was too time consuming and I wanted to spend the time that was left for this Project on the Illustration with the Tiger :) btw. heavily inspired by Disneys Alladin XDD

visit Toronns Page please, its worth it !! :)