Thursday, August 30, 2007

>:D +Edit

lol Comic Preview. In Case you wan tto know what is bothering me right now...i will post the finals with text later when i´m done with the whole work (me needs to rush) @_@ Heavily Ashley Wood inspired as you can see, it really was my last hope to make it this way, and strangely enough i can work with color atm. much faster than with traditional ink...

Not dead...yet. Sorry for the lack of updates T^T School doesn´t let me rest. I hope its over the next weeks...

Other than that, i somehow start to like Painter9 very much, dunno. I finally found some tools i can work with very well. I guess if you would have asked me about Painter some weeks ago, i would have answered that it´s Software from the Devil itself XDDDDDDD Strange how fast my mind changed ...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


haha, Backgrounds are still my nemesis, but theres no way around, i have to practise it XDD I´m not that happy with this one, i will focus it more on the character next time together with a better composition and concept :/ Just the background without any character wasn´t better :( I had much fun though while painting :) It will be better next time :D

more gyakusai fanart

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Me had the honour in coloring on of Eric Kanete´s wonderful lines, go to his blog to see how it looks :D Clicky

I´m wasting my time on the Computer *_* Doing much fanarts...but it is so much fun ;_;
Some more oldies

and Gyakuten Saiban Stuff


Random Maya, it´s simple and full with mistakes but i like it very much *_*

step-by-step image from that start Picture from my Gyakuten Saiban FanPage ( click on the green banner on the right side, i made the site a few days ago, don´t expect masterpieces, it was just for fun :D ....and no, i don´t have better things to do ._.)