Wednesday, January 23, 2019

WORK: Little Fooley 10th Aniversary Illustration

I got commissioned by the wonderful Jayd Ait-Kaci to create an Anniversary Illustration, based on LittleFoolery writer Alex Singer´s short story Minotaur. The Character Design has been provided by Jaid!

You can see the full Illustration and step-bystep images+ sketches on their website along with many other wonderful tributes

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

NEWS: Guestartwork for the Pokemon themed Project Orbis Anthology

I participated as an artist on Project Orbis, a Pokemon themed Art Anthology with Artists around the world, as a representative of Germany!

The Book came out on last years Winter Comiket and can also be ordered internationally here

it contains 23 pieces, Interviews with all artists (in their native language + english + japanese), and a Postcardset with every Illustration as a card

WORK: Spera- Ascention of the Starless Vol.3 / Chapter 2 (comic) / Warm Blood (webcomic)

A year ago I drew 24 pages for the long running comic series Spera (written by Josh Tierney)  and it´s now available for purchase on Gumroad and soon comixology (i think, gonna update the links once it´s out!)
You can also get the previous books on comixology

The big feature is that every Issue is drawn by a different Artist

Some samples from my Issue!

You can read many of the earlier Issues online here

Almost 2 years ago, I also did the first 4 Pages for a webcomic called "Warm Blood" (again written by Josh Tierney)