Monday, July 23, 2007

Ace Attorney/ Gyakuten Saiban

Quick note, i opened my Comic Blog some time ago and now updated it finally, i hope i will be faster the next time :( It´s just in German atm. but with much pictures :)
So i hope you have a look


As said some time ago, i´m a very huge fan from the Capcom Game "Ace Attorney"/"Gyakuten Saiban" for the Nintendo DS....a game about.....Lawyers :D . During the last month i scribbled and painted a lot of small things, and i think i can post my favs here :)
Man I can´t wait for Part 4, the Characters are so great ;_;

btw. visit Court-Records for general info, best AA/Gyakusai Site on the net <3 br="">

(young) Miles,some Phoenix and little Maya :D

Kyouya/Konrad and Kirihito/Kristophe

Maya :D


colored sketches, me was testing again with cel shading

Oekaki, mostly unfinished ._.

Franziska and Miles


Godot looking stoned =D

Phoenix and Maya


<3 br="">

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I could finally scan some of my old sketches while visiting Casey :)

Killer7 sketches <3

Sketches with Characters from the new Gainax Anime "Gurren Laggan"....thanks to Casey i had the chance to watch some episodes :)

More Gurren and some random stuff :D

Next time I post more :)

Monday, July 09, 2007


made a line from my old armitageII sketch i posted here some time ago. It´s nowhere near the Original, but who cares :D Corrections are coming with the final piece.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Sorry for the last whine post (for those of you , who had the pleasure to read this junk lol)....EmoEmu visited me and gave me a package full of depression. But i got rid of him lol ( Me:"you heard it Emo-Emu : GTFO!!!11!" EmoEmu:" T____T" )

btw. Still no new scanner in sight :(
YAY, scary anathomy XD ( danke Casey, wegen dir seh ich da nun auch was ganz anders ;_; Scheiße Mann XDD Nächstes mal lasse ich wieder Kommentare zu, das wird dann ein Gyakusai-only Eintrag ;_; )I´m uncreative today :D

This was a color tudy for a picture i never realized. It´s supposed to be an RPG character from a friend :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007