Friday, March 09, 2007

yo+ EDIT

EDIT: Just a small update

Visited a friend today and scribbled something on her wacom tablet...and its "pressure sensitive" was so unusual first but then, it felt like heaven ;_; I normally hate it to make sketches direct in PS,but with this it felt so much more like real pencil..awsome.
Now i want a new tablet... XDD

I will be away for a few days, so i thought i make a small update...:)
And there are enough girly sketches now, next Post is dedicated to the Rambo´s

Friday, March 02, 2007


Homepage is up. Very simple,very "under construction" and most of the stuff is not new ...haha. But waiting any longer would be a waste of the money i paid for webspace and domain :)

EDIT: and i finally have a myspace account XD Damn, that site is complicated XDDD

Thursday, March 01, 2007

its march already...

...oh noes....haha, havn´t´i said to myself to finally work a bit faster?? at least, i did my concept for my theory course. And the next days i will get all material for the comic together :/I can´t wait to finally do something with heart here in school :)

older charakters that i wanted to draw again

jo, DOA with markers, ink and colored pencils

armitageIII ....i realy like that anime ,haha. But i have honestly no idea how she looked aain,and i was to lazy to google XD colors done with markers and colored pencils

Off Topic: Byousoko 5

Thanks to judith i could see this :) Its absolutly stunning how the makers worked with shadow light and colour and contrast. Seem to be 3 short movies, i watched at least a bit of part one and it is mostly talking. Animation ist walking between "limited" and some "really good" (imo).
But truly, its really nice to watch, i love these backgrounds.
I just wished they would have chosen a more unique Characterdesign than this. I don´t´even think that it is fitting for it :/ But that is just my personal point of view.
Enjoy the visuals

btw. Directing is Makoto shinkai ("voices of a distant star" ,that was this amazing short animation he did all by himself) and the full title is "Byousoko 5- a chain of short storys about their distance"