Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cel shading practise + EDIT

I forgot that yesterday


as the title said :) Some parts are still unclean ,haha :/ All done in Photoshop and based on old sketches(excluding Edgeworth).

Edgeworth from "Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorny" for NDS, Capcom game imo ;_; Lawers and Prosecuters rule ....

expect more fanart soon XD


The front and the back from "Paper theatre 5", for which i did the cover :D It feels strange, since the pic is a good half year old now....but i´m very exited :) You can buy the comic in Comicshops in Germany or Order Paper Theatre here
(only german speaking country´s i think :/)

and btw. A very good friend of mine finally has a blog :> She was some sort of my mentor some years ago , if it wouldn´t be her, i would today draw shojo-manga full of kitsch and cliches XDDD( nothing against cliches or manga btw.) She tought me so much about drawings and suc.So i owe her a lot for that. She´s an awsome artist and has a very cute style...SO GO NOW, visit her blog and say Hi :) >> Oksana´s blog <<

and when I´m at it, my friend Casey is also an artist that you should keep an eye at,(if you havn´t already). Has an awsome style, and much skills. You should see her Comics, she´s an super talent :D You can also see one short comic from her in "Manga Fieber 3" (let´s say it´s the almost the same like "Rising star of Manga" books from the U.S., which was published by Tokyopop germany lately. So watch out, she will be very famous soon :) >> Casey´s blog <<

last blog that i want you to stop by is the one from Julia aka doctajules :) She´s such a talent (although i guess she wouldn´t admit it ;D).
Her style is one of the most unique i´ve seen and she also has so greta idea´s ;_; So go and look a bit around there a well :)
>> Jula´s blog <<

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey there :) Thank you all for your nice comments lately, it´s still unbelieveble for me that people look here regular for updates and it makes me happy ;_;

Here are some lifedrawings I did latly in school. I stopped using a pencil for it some time ago and i think the reason was that my teacher told me that my drawings would look stiff and so she gave me the advice to use other media where i cannot erase my lines...and well, it helped a lot XD I doesn´t like that fully rendered life drawings anyway (for myself, i truly respect people who can render realistic :) ) so today i find myself doing a lot of gesture drawing with ink or an ballpoint pen :) I got the feeling that it really make the way i draw lines a bit more smooth (at least i imagine that XD). I really don´t want to make stiff drawings, and I´m working on it that they will look dynamic.
I hope i can also make someday more dynamik Color works :)

This is from 2 Semesters ago, but i still like it very much :)

For my personal fangirlyness, some Baten Kaitos wip i found on my harddrive. I always wanted to make an picture from Pieda, she´s so pretty *-*

..and xelha ** I just like to draw and paint her, though she´s not even my faviorite Character XDD

....(one day i will finish them...)


Small Milly mini oekaki ;D

Saturday, May 12, 2007

more color stuff

I think i can show this is another color collab i did with lesean Thomas, though it is from last year i still like it :) You can also check his devart site to see some more pieces that i colored (and a slightly different version from this piece) :) or check his blogspot :)


Ok, this will be an exception , i normally don´t want to post something non-art related, but this commercial is too sweet ;_; The Idea is so great XD I guess with different actors this ad would even work in other countrys .....XD

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Waah, I´m sorry for not posting anything for so long XD I was so busy (and still am) and havn´t scanned any sketches yet :/
Here are som wip´s (better than nothing)

Small junk fanart from Milly, from Baten Kaitos Origins ( When you have a Gamecube, then buy this game !!! ). It is originally a small drawing that i coloured a bit with Copic marker, and then Painted over it with PS and Painter :D

A Character from my Comic for School, will post more next time....