Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey there :) Thank you all for your nice comments lately, it´s still unbelieveble for me that people look here regular for updates and it makes me happy ;_;

Here are some lifedrawings I did latly in school. I stopped using a pencil for it some time ago and i think the reason was that my teacher told me that my drawings would look stiff and so she gave me the advice to use other media where i cannot erase my lines...and well, it helped a lot XD I doesn´t like that fully rendered life drawings anyway (for myself, i truly respect people who can render realistic :) ) so today i find myself doing a lot of gesture drawing with ink or an ballpoint pen :) I got the feeling that it really make the way i draw lines a bit more smooth (at least i imagine that XD). I really don´t want to make stiff drawings, and I´m working on it that they will look dynamic.
I hope i can also make someday more dynamik Color works :)

This is from 2 Semesters ago, but i still like it very much :)

For my personal fangirlyness, some Baten Kaitos wip i found on my harddrive. I always wanted to make an picture from Pieda, she´s so pretty *-*

..and xelha ** I just like to draw and paint her, though she´s not even my faviorite Character XDD

....(one day i will finish them...)


Small Milly mini oekaki ;D


Chamba said...

I love how you've done Xelha.
your colour choices always make me rethink how i should select colour

heri said...

good gesture studies. I just discovered your blog, and I will be checking back.

i love the feel of your girls, very loose and animated.
keep posting.


Casey said...

Ich hoffe ja sehr, dass du die BK Bilder noch fertig machst ;_; Wie huebsch! Xelha macht auch Spass zu zeichnen, besonders ihren Kragen finde ich immer toll. Willst du nicht mal einen Ladekahn zeichnen? <3 <3

libra bear said...

That lesean stuff you did is amazing. I'm really amazed at your work. seriously, when you gonna teach us how to paint ?

MILLUS said...

sieht doch klasse aus
und ja klar, schau ich öfters hier rein - sowas lass ich mir doch nicht entgehen
Wenn du mal ein anderes Gefühl für Aktzeichnen/Stifte/Material etc. haben willst - eine coole Sache ist es auch mal den Stift anders zu halten - mal ganz leicht hinten oder ganz grob in die Hand nehmen etc.

Beste Grüße

Julia said...

o holy shit you have a blog?!?!?

+++ damnn there's so much hotness in here. i love the life drawings with the marker stuff + of course delicious paintings as usual

Anonymous said...

I love the first lifedrawing, it has a nice sense of weight to it. Great work!

dmcgee said...

Tre lovely gallery!

Saskia said...

@chamba: haha, your colour selection is much better than mine :)

@heri: Thank you very much .D

@casey: Ja, das hoffe ich auch ;_; Und du hast recht, ich mag ihr Kostüm auch ziemlich gerne ;_;
Hmm, und was für einen Ladekhan willst du denn? Den großen oder den kleinen Bub /(*-*)/

@libra bear: I don´t think that i´m so god that i could teach anyone colouring :)

@millus: Cool :D

@july: Oh yeah , i have XDD But oh noes, i didn´t recognized that you have a blog :/ I´m feeling a bit guilty now :(((

@adrian Hogan: Thank you very much for looking here...i looked at your blog, your drawings are made of win :D

@dmcgee: Thank you .D

Casey said...

Hmm *_* Den... hm! Großen! Beim Kleinen muesstest du noch Gibari und Palolo dazuzeichnen, die sind alle so toll T_T Da koennt ich mich nicht entscheiden XD Also wenn du je Lust dazu hast! XDD