Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cel shading practise + EDIT

I forgot that yesterday


as the title said :) Some parts are still unclean ,haha :/ All done in Photoshop and based on old sketches(excluding Edgeworth).

Edgeworth from "Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorny" for NDS, Capcom game imo ;_; Lawers and Prosecuters rule ....

expect more fanart soon XD


  1. I like the proportions on the second pic the best. Keep up that drawing style. It will only evolve into something greater.

  2. Ich finde die beiden Kerle im Anzug toll <3 Ich muss bei Anzuegen immer gleich an Detectives denken...
    Und Ace Attorney will ich auch mal spielen, was genau muss man da denn machen ôo

  3. @Peter: Thank you dear, I´m trying to de velope something own and when you like that i guess i´m on the right why :)

    @casey: Ja, Anzüge sind zuemlich fesch (Detectives auch XD) . Zu Ace Attorny habe ich dir ne Narchicht geschickt :)

  4. Hi Saskia
    Deine arbeiten sind echt superb!
    Weiter so!

  5. Beautiful work. Love the color choices as well.

  6. Hi Saskia, very nice blog you have here!
    Amazing draughtsmanship!
    I'll be back :)

  7. Oh Saskia, to be so AMAZING, it has to hurt sometimes, lol. Hey, im working on a piece that i think you would probably be interested in coloring, let me know if you have that kind of time on your hands, and i can show you a quick Layout/Sketch of the piece, LOVE. PEACE!

  8. very cool blog! and Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorny is one of my favorite game too!

  9. @balkandude: hey, danke :D

    @leon: Thank you :)

    @jampix: Thank you very much .D

    @chris: Man ,thank you... you know , i would love to colour your picture, but right now, i have loads of work to do :/ You can show the layout anyway if you want, but i won´t colour other people´s lines the next month till my did my work :(

    @magicat: Thank you :D YAY another Phoenix Fan XD

  10. o mannn your new character design things have so much life in them! so distinct and uniqueee. +++ lollll renjiiiiii