Sunday, March 24, 2024


 more filler from 2018

I still remember having a hard time to get the motivation to even watch this movie, so i procrastinated till the very last showing on the last day it was still theatres haha

Thursday, March 14, 2024


 EDIT: Fixed the issue with pictures not displaying correctly! I always forget that blogspot resizes images once they reach a certain size limit.

This a bit  of a look-back... a.k.a. a filler post, but it has been in the making for a bit. Among other posts containing old work, but as I have been for a long time mainly working in trad. media scanning and collecting all these pages takes some time.

These pages all from 2014, when I was a little bit in a weird spot mentally and very burned out from making my sketchbooks into neat little artbooks. I think I have mentioned a while back that my books tend to be very messy and that hasn´t really changed till this day (cause it works for me)


Wednesday, January 03, 2024



Happy New Year 2024

Important things first, I have no specific plans for this blog and gonna keep the casual approach. I´ll post when I feel like it!

2023 was a slowly paced, quiet and creatively very rewarding year! 

Yes, this is supposed to be the girl from the totally-not-a-splatoon-knockoff game. I thought her basic design elements were cute though. (And to be fair, from what i have seen about the gameplay, the game seems distinct enough to potentially stand on its own but i wish they would be a tad bit more creative with the ults)