Sunday, August 20, 2023


 Made a small weekend trip to Copenhagen to attend a friends wedding and thought i could combine it with some sightseeing. So i went to some Museums and visited former work colleagues. And after a few months i finally started to sort out all the pictures i made.Yay!

Of note for me were the Danish SMK and the Glyptoteket close to the train station. Both had a big collection of danish realist painters, though the GT was more focused on sculptures.

There wasn´t nearly enough time to check out all the art on display, unfortunately.

using the picture of a boring sculpture to introduce  a bunch of paintings 


This Kroyer Painting is super impressive in person and very big (almost 1m width)

Of course I was in such a hurry that I forgot to make pictures of the exhibit in the smk

It did house one of my favorite realist paintings though and I´m glad to have seen them in person

"Sat ud" by Erik Henningsen
btw. A huge chunk of their collection can be viewed SMK Open

After a day of celebrating we returned to our airbnb at 5 in the morning and a few hours later i took the train back to Germany...
 I really should have made more time for this trip ^^;

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