Thursday, March 01, 2007

its march already...

...oh noes....haha, havn´t´i said to myself to finally work a bit faster?? at least, i did my concept for my theory course. And the next days i will get all material for the comic together :/I can´t wait to finally do something with heart here in school :)

older charakters that i wanted to draw again

jo, DOA with markers, ink and colored pencils

armitageIII ....i realy like that anime ,haha. But i have honestly no idea how she looked aain,and i was to lazy to google XD colors done with markers and colored pencils


Chris Copeland said...

MY GOODNESS WOMAN, you are amazing with this stuff. I would love to hear more about your schooling and your thoughts about it and everything. I like hearing what people have to say about their life and the things that are going on with them. AMAZING WORK SASKIA, you should just know that, PEACE!

andy said...

Fantastic stuff Saskia, really nice poses and linework, lots of appeal! Keep up the great work :)

taranalis said...

dein Stil hat eine unheimliche Veränderung durchgemacht~
ich bin hin und weg! *O*
deine Figuren sind ungewöhnlich, bizarr und gleichzeitig ästhetisch~
hoffentlich nimmst du mir diese Beschreibung nicht übel,aber deine Kunst ist wirklich mal was ganz anderes =] I love it!

Bye bye

Chamba said...

i really love the flow in your linework.
fluid-y.... not a real word

Saskia said...

@chrispy: thank you for your kind words :) You are always so positive, that really cheer me up :D

@andy: There you are again :D Thank you very much, my friend :)

@nemphys: Du bist doch...eine von meinen früheren "stalkern" oder? Das du so lange am ball geblieben bist...ich glaub ich muss dir mal danken für die netten Worte, freut mich das es dir gefällt :)

@chamba: hey, thanks for stopping by...yeah it doesn´t´seem to be a real word,but i know what you mean and apreciate it....
And thank you so much for the link *is dancing around*