Sunday, July 08, 2007


Sorry for the last whine post (for those of you , who had the pleasure to read this junk lol)....EmoEmu visited me and gave me a package full of depression. But i got rid of him lol ( Me:"you heard it Emo-Emu : GTFO!!!11!" EmoEmu:" T____T" )

btw. Still no new scanner in sight :(
YAY, scary anathomy XD ( danke Casey, wegen dir seh ich da nun auch was ganz anders ;_; Scheiße Mann XDD Nächstes mal lasse ich wieder Kommentare zu, das wird dann ein Gyakusai-only Eintrag ;_; )I´m uncreative today :D

This was a color tudy for a picture i never realized. It´s supposed to be an RPG character from a friend :)