Sunday, July 15, 2007

I could finally scan some of my old sketches while visiting Casey :)

Killer7 sketches <3

Sketches with Characters from the new Gainax Anime "Gurren Laggan"....thanks to Casey i had the chance to watch some episodes :)

More Gurren and some random stuff :D

Next time I post more :)


  1. wow... These are great sketches... I'll have to check out that "Gurren Lagan" anime if they look as cool as they do in Your sketchbook...

    Thanks for Sharin'...


  2. HAH great sketches,I had lot of fun watching them

    and yay gurren laggann 's so cool

    ho yay

    and you should try denno coil,a kids and geek strory,but animate by some badaasss animators

    ho yay

  3. Tolle Skizzen! Ich mag die colorierten Gesichter am besten.:) Und die SD-Figuren sind toll!

  4. I seriously love ya stuff. truly enchanting style....and i dont even say enchanting.

  5. sooooo good.
    much respect to you.

  6. Wuoy, lots of very good sketches, the colored one are excellent (aquarel?).
    Would love to see some drawed up.

  7. Anonymous8:48 AM

    wunderschöne skizzen? manche müsste man auf A0 vergrössern und rahmen ;)

  8. Wow, these are great. O love seeing peoples sketches. Something a lot of people don't post enough of.

  9. geniale sketche ! sehr schön ! du hast echt einen großartigen stil ! schonmal dran gedacht einen comic zu zeichnen ?

  10. Anonymous5:20 AM

    really really cool works!!!!!!!!!
    Much respect!!!

  11. @tmalo70: Thank you very much, I´m glad you like them :D And you really should watch Gurren Laggan. It´s from Gainax and that means it´s cool :D

    @bistroboy: Thank you very much, i will check it out :)

    @okha: Danke Schätzchen :)

    @roc: Aaaw, thank you =)

    @karim: Thank you :)

    @sophan: Much respect to YOU, you awsome artist ;_; Thank you very much for your words :)

    @jörn: Thank you :) I woul love to refine some of them, but on the other side i don´t have that much time :(

    @Torsten: haha, bloss nicht XDDD Danke für deinen Kommentar, das bedeutet mir sehr viel :,)

    @saigonradio: Thank you so muich for looking here ;_; When will we see the next update on your blog ? Are you busy right now with work?

    @sam: Danke dir :) Ich mache grad nen Comic, bzw. muss ihn machen für die Schule .( ich würd aber auch gerne was längeres machen :(

    @kasius: Thank you :D