Saturday, April 12, 2008

You May Lose All the Rights to Every Piece of Art You Have Ever Created!

kay, since surfing around now a little it really seems to be an old thing, so sorry for riding on old issues. I still think that this is an interesting Thing so i let this post the way it is :>



I don´t know what effect this will have outside of the US...confusing confusing

EDIT: Someone knows more about this? or is just some rant going around? Now some say its fake, others say its true XDD

EDIT2: ah, this seems to sums it up better.

No new arts btw. :(


Diantres said...

yeah i don't know how it works outside the US, can some guy steal your work from Internet even if you live outside of the US? this will violate the international laws?

Saskia said...

lol except that i don´t think that this will happen XD Anybody can steal any work from the Internet or so, when no one notices theres not much you can do anyway (yeah i know, watermakrs+sign your works).

I´ve heard from cases where the people just take art from the inet and make buttons + prints from it and then sell it on conventions. Be it original or fanart (which is another grayzone anyway).
I think this registering thing is fishy (if its true). Its a scary thought that someone else can take your art and register it.

There no way around using watermarks and of course sign your own work. Like always...

But well, lets see how this will work out :)