Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nice Manga

Got plenty of stuff to post, but i don´t with what i could start. Its so boring anyway atm.
And cause i don´t want to make this post completly pointless i will show you some nice mangas i´ve read lately and that are quite nice imo.
All of these are at least (as far as i know) availble in Germany, France and Italy.

1. Shamo by Akio Tanaka (drawings) and Izou Hashimoto (story)

Well, i´ve been following this series for quite a qhile now, but was always afraid to buy book 19... due some licence Problems it won´t be published here any longer, what makes me pissed a little bit (guess i will have to import the books from now on). This Series is awsome.

What i personally like are (of course) the drawings (they are strong and dynamic) and mainly the character developement. Ryo isn´t really likeble at all, i totally disagree with his behaviour and the things he is doing most of the time, yet i want to know how the story goes on.

2. Vertraute Fremde (Harukana machi-e) by Jiro Taniguchi

This should be widely known, Taniguchi gots a lot of praise for his work for a while now. I recently saw it in a bookstore and thought i could give it a try.

I like the slow storytelling , there is no haste and you have a lot of insight to the characters personalitys. Drawings are brilliant aswell...

3.Subaru by Masahito Soda

A young girl and her talent for Ballett, i have just the first book, but i really like it so far. The drawings may look a bit rough, but i´ve rarely found an comic that carrys so much emotion like this one (i mean, it wa soverwhelming sometimes unfortunatly i havn´t found a good example on the net, and i don´t want to rip my book apart while scanning ;). The Story is for mature readers even though the main Character is a young girl. I´m curious how the series will develope :>


sophan said...

hey saskia,

i wanted to ask you if you ever heard of illustrative 07
it's a gallery in berlin.... i just want to know the 411 before i commit to anything.


Maxetormer said...

I'm currently hunting for new comics and mangas to read, thanks for posting your selection :)

Kajiba said...

The only manga I know up there is Shamo D=. Love how it looks in general. The details they put in that manga is sooo good. Poses, shading and body shapes are really nice. Probably second to berserk when it comes to that. Very good manga shamo is.


Nuu said...

Ohh, I remember reading Subaru!
I think I read around 15 volumes of it or something, and then I couldn't seem to find anymore. It was great!
I seem to recall that the protagonist started to have a really strange personality when she grew up, and it was hard to relate to her as a character though. :/