Thursday, February 07, 2008


Also serveral month old, i planned to make some lines from it. But even after such a long time i still think i should better let it in this sketchy form ( though i could have fixed her feet, but well...). Don´t want to ruin the dynamics.
Flat colours rule btw.

Sorry for not replying comments lately, i´m braindead from watching to much キーボードクラッシャー videos on nicovideo XDDD


Kajiba said...

Lol nico is a fun website to go to. Alot of funny stuff there plus game vids. Love the sketch by the way. I like the loose feel to it.


Joshua James said...

I love you Saskia!

Kristian said...

flat colours do the drawings throughout this blog..nice work

Maxetormer said...

hell, am I always glad to stop around here!, good nice flowing bold lines, now thats what I call art :D

don't worry bout them silly comments just toss us a bone every once in a while ;)

Saskia said...

@kajiba: True, its addicting...though i have already forgotten my password again XD

@joshua: *hugs*

@kristian: Thank you a lot .D

@maxetormer: Haha, hey, how are you ? Thank you for your comment, i´m glad that you like it. Esspecially, cause i´m not so happy with my own work. *throughs a bone* I will be back soon .)

Bobby Pontillas said...

Agreed! The gestural quality of this sketch lends to the subject matter. Flat rendering styles appeal to me too! Great work on this blog!