Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rescuers down under

This scene stayed in my head even during the years when i couldn´t even remember what Movie it was XD Mind blowing when i was 6/7 and even now... I just love how landscape looks so wide, big and impressive !

I am not really fond of movies with the "little innocent child must be saved" story , but I´ll make an exception with Rescuers down under. The Color choices are so fucking beautiful (!) and i love how the animals are drawn T_T So its still apleasure to watch this little gem.... yo.


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  2. woo, thanks for sharing. If anyone would have asked me yesterday, if I ever watched "Rescuers Down under" (or "Bernard und Bianca im Känguruhland", wtf) I'd have said no. But actually I remember this scene, too. And other scenes. Not a film I'd buy on (Disney-)DVD, but definitly a milestone of Animation (completely coloured digitally for the first time, as I read). The animation is very smooth and the bird moves so gently and naturally (sadly they overdid the humanisation of the facial expression in some scenes).

    Again: thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Haha, i have it on DVD XD True, its not perfect, but those sweet memories and this scene was enough to let buy it :) I´m a bit sad that it was not so known like other Disney Movies :>

    lol, der Titel, ne ? Wenn man die Original Ton spur mit der deutschen vergleicht, fällt auch auf das dieses komische Lied am Ende in der englischen Fassung fehlt.

  4. Totally agree. This film has such great vistas, landscape design, and color choices that feel natural and not heavy handed like most animated films. Without the overuse of red and yellow this film has a very warm feel to it, even when blue or purple permeates the screen. Awesome find.

  5. Oooh~ I haven't watched this movie yet, surprisingly. Looove Glen Keane's animation on that eagle tho, great stuff!

  6. Agreed. One of the greatest animated sequences!

  7. awww wo sich der adler so aufplustert das war so süß..hach ja den film hab ich glaube ich damals tausend mal auf video gesehen oo die szene war mitunter am tollste ja...herrje ich muss die kassette mal ausm keller kramen T_T

  8. Wow, truly magnificient! I always wanted to see it, but I couldn't imagine direct-to-video Disney sequels could be so good! (Whocan blame me as my only taste of them was Kronk's New Groove?)

    I love how the eagle turns her head upside down at 3:39. And I also love the fact that her facial expression doesn't change when the kid hugs her at the end, that's excellent.

    This is so beautiful I will pass on the fact that normally when you put your head this close to a giant bird's nest, the next second your head will be one of the eggs :)

    I hope this released on Bluray!

  9. Oh, and about the landscapes of the film: if I'm not mistaken, it's the film on which they developed and used for the first time their Deep Canvas software, used to much fame later on Tarzan.

    (It allows the artists to paint directly on 3D models from the angle of the shot).

  10. Ich mag diesen Film auch, sowie alle anderen gezeichneten Disney-filme!=) Echt ein jammer das nun alles 3D sein muss!:(

  11. @Mathew: Thank you for your comment, i see that you know what you are talking about :) I also love this natural feeling in the movie

    @Domee: oh, you totally should :D I think the DVD is very cheap to buy theese days...

    @Rawls: Thank you for stopping by :>

    @Iru: Ach herjee, ich hatte damals auch noch ne alte gammelige VHS davon XDDD

    @nino: Hey, long time no see :D Yeah you are right, this wasn´t a direct-to-video movie , but still its pretty high quality for a sequel. And stop talking about this direct to vid sequels... Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, Pocahontas 2, Cinderella 2 & 3 ... and so on. I hate them all ;_;

    >... the next second your head will be one of the eggs :)<
    XDD True, I also wondered why the boy hasn´t lost his conciousness yet, from falling so fast and then suddenly beeing so high up in the sky, but hey.. it´s a Disney ;)

    @steffi: Schon, ich hab ja noch nicht mal zwingendermaßen etwas gegen 3D, aber das 2D dadurch so leiden musste ist ein jammer...

  12. beautiful scene! never seen the move! I'll have to check it out now! Cheers,