Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catwoman and so on...

Found some earlier started pictures and worked on them again, will maybe continue, when i´m done with my work pensum...
It´s nothing special, but i had my fair amount of much need fun here :) blabla others are junk ;) Would like to make some catwoman Illustration in a more cartoony style....

more Tales of Symphonia *v*

lol definatly not done yet ._.

I so hope to finsh this, i always wanted to do a proper No More Heroes fanart =DDDD Though, of course, it needs more work and elements that would make it exiting. I´m thinking about some nice poster style Illo with the beach in the all future music XDD


  1. That's some delicious-looking lineart, yo :d

    Hollyyy~~ <333 Her voice actor was annoying, but I loved her badass design! Died sooo much when I was fighting her tho OTL D-damn missiles...

  2. Ooo all of these recent posts have been wonderful! Yay! :D

  3. @domee: oh, i thought that the voice was actually pretty cute oô And my ... "hate" Enemy was Bad Girl , i so often fell for this stupid trap XDDDDDDDDD

    @pinflux Thaaanks :D

  4. your work is just so stunning

  5. how do you do it? those are some charming lines you got there.

  6. deine bilder sind immer wieder ein genuss T_T ich mag vor allem die ganzen WIPS *_* die pose mit den erdbeeren find ich sowas von stark <3

    bei tales of symphonia würd ich gern wissen, ob du das line/pen tool benutzt hast oo das sieht so schön smoothy aus ;_;

  7. These are great!!!

  8. Ciao Saskia.

    They are at least 2 years that I follow your blog.
    I adore your style ! I am fan...
    Very compliments !!!

    Good luck for all. ^_____^

  9. Still loving your art Saskia. On what project are you working on now ?

  10. Very nice! I like your fresh new blog. New blog with new material. Awesome drawings as always.

  11. @ George: i can just say the same to you .)

    @clopsybot: :)

    @Iru: Ich benutze die feine Feder bei Painter 9.5 :)

    @Rawls: Thanks

    @ Barbara Canepa: Thank you very very much, reading this came as a surprise to me. For 2 years already ? o_ô
    I´m through and through honoured *big skydoll fan here*

    @Sourya: Thank you, long time no see :D It´s nice to see you here :)

    @Saigonradio: Thank you so much. I´m glad that you update again and commenting here too !!! You have gotten so kickass good and watching your sketches is always a pleasure =D

    @Raghu: Thank you .)

  12. cool characters.
    Full of attitude and life.

  13. This is all good.

    I especially like the one withe the yellow background; cute but mean-looking :D