Monday, November 15, 2010


I´m sorry for beeing so absent recently :(

This post is mostly for a topic that I get a lot of questions about.
Making studys with references is something I usually combine with my warm-ups.
I always have a big pile of photos/magazines and randomly choose some to work with ( or specificly for work related themes ). Time spent is around 20-30 min.
I admit though that I´m not doing that every day, there are sometimes weeks where I just paint some abstract nothings. I also can´t say if this is the right way to go, but it definatly works for me to understand the things I want to learn :)

So here is a small selection from the last months.

edit: sargent study, also around 15min. :|

and some classics

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Just posting to ask if someone is interested in a retrospective, from 2000 to 2010 ... The wonderful Katie Rice did a nice one and I thought it was really interesting :) It would still take a while as it is a lot of work to scann everything and collect the old works...

Old work

a fun commission :)

These were old testpages for a project that I cannot tell you about yet :) But Oh gee, I´m so glad that they are not going to be used haha


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Influence Map

It was fun !! The template can be found here

There way to many things and people that influence me ( especially with all the variety of artists on then net ) so I left out the most obvious Inspirations like Family, Friends ( feel free to check the linklist ) , certain parts of the world, Animals , Animations... The map is pretty much limited to specific Artists ( or other Things ) that inspired me constantly for more than 4 years, continiue to inspire and left an visible impact on my least I think they did. Actually the majority on the map is from my pre-internet times haha...

So yeah, I think my biggest influences are Wendling and Inoue :)

Sunday, July 04, 2010


wip, junk, unfinished, tests all mixed ! :)

This is something I could work on every once, I try to find something that could make htis picture more interesting. It not so much about originality ( if that really exists within something mundane like heroic fantasy ;) ) but visual appeal...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ugh, scanning is so time intense !! But at least I finally have the drawings scanned :D Old and new drawings are mixed, materials I used were ballpointpen, fineliners, ink, acrylic/oil leftovers and sometimes pencils ...

more moleskine