Monday, October 03, 2022



This should have probably went with some of the previous posts but i already redesigned most of the project + its on hold for now in favor of other comics i´m working on rn so whatever. 

+(just rambling, no additional pictures, CW for depression talk)

I think I´m okay now. 

I wanted to post more, but somewhere along the way of going through my sketch folders of the last few years I noticed that I have made peace with my old drawings. Being these weird years  where i was trying to better my mental state and learning to deal with depression made me avoid looking at them because they will probably always remind me of this, but now i somehow dont mind it as much, great steps forward overall.  It was very cathartic to go through them.
 I even got some new impulses and ideas that i considered just fleeting and "stupid" back then. 
I´m ok with my work and pace of learning now, including its mistakes, level of polish (or lack thereof) ect. This is still part of my process, has alway been and it would be disingeneous of me to pretend its not. I dont draw to fulfill other peoples expectation of what good art is supposed to be like (cue to a sob-story about a very abusive judgimental parental figure and my fathers death, but that is for a different time)

Really glad i went on this journey. It helped me so much coming to better terms about myself and my wishes.

This year I went back to work more on my own comics/projects (if free time allowed it) so maybe there will some more comic wips and things here in future, really re-discovered my passion and feel more confident about tackling these things again.

I could also use this blog to talk more about my favortie comics and new purchases, so i wont bother my friends so much haha

I´m looking forward to draw all the things l really like to draw in the way i want to draw them (also sometimes paint)

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