Friday, December 01, 2017

WORK: Vainglory / Duels X Machina / Mobius Final Fantasy / Max Ammo (Mobile Games)

Some things I have worked on recently (and not so recently)

I created some Card Artworks for Mobius Final Fantasy for Square-Enix some time in 2014-2015,

The game is availble for Mobile devices afaik (free to play)
There is also a PC Version on STeam

i played it myself a bit and its a really nice fun card based battle RPG


Did lots of Card Art for the Mobile Game Duels X Machina for DEna in 2016

It´s available for mobile devices (though i´m at this point not sure if there is a english version)


Did some Card Art for Vainglory


Did a ton of ingame Illustrations with my teammates Nadia Enis and Andrea Carsatelli for the Game Max Ammo by Wooga (2015) I think it´s not available anymore