Monday, January 01, 2018

WORK: Atom the Beginning (Animated Series / Print)

I had the honor to provide the Ending Illustrations  for the Anime Series "Atom- The Beginning" アトム ザ・ビギニング 
The Storyboards have been provided by BahiJD, who also did the direction!
The Series aired from April to July 2017 (Official Website) Interview with me (in Japanese)

I also created Promo Artwork for Otomedia Summer Special 2017 and the Newtype July 2017 Issue.
This was a collaboration with Signal. M.D. who provied the compositions and features in both cases interviews with the series directorTatsuo Sato

A rough Art Board version of the ED without credits is on the Single CD&DVD 光のはじまりby南條愛乃 (Yoshino Nanjo)