Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ugh, Gyakuten Saiban 3 was great...SO great T^T I´m still a bit sad that it´s over....

Sister Bikini (one of my fav witnesses from the game), she was so damn cute XDDDD I think...the next time i draw Furio...or Jean =D


Mcerel said...

I'm bit sad too but... great ending ;;

I adore how you drew Bikini<3 and I would like to see Furio and Jean in your style!

Unknown said...

Bikini's so jiggly when she laughs! She kinda reminds me of the broom lady from GS4 except her mouth isn't that big. Lovin the folds btw. I'm actually a little scared to see how Jean would turn out if you did it LOL. My sides might rip open again XD. That one kitchen scene in 3-3 nearly killed me O_O ~!

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

great drawing, that comic looks so nice!

Anja und Annica said...

*lol* Wie wäre es denn mal mit nem Vore-GS Bild?
Im Gericht heisst es ja bestimmt, fressen oder gefressen werden.

Nee, nur kleiner Scherz. Mach sowas bloss nicht... mach lieber mal mein Geburtstagsgeschenk. XD

Saskia said...

@aggi: haha, you want to see jean XDD I guess he has more fans than i thought lol. Thank you for your comment :DDD

@axl99: Haha, i know what you mean, i almost died from laughing about that scene XDD "oh oui, right ´zere XDDD
Bikini made me lol aswell...especially when Edgeworth asked her what she was doing for so long in the shower XDDDDDDDDDD Or her Comment about Larrys art lol

@ george: Thank you so much :)

@ nica: Annica....ich wollte grad was essen D: Jetzt ist mir wieder schlecht ._. Uargh *sich wieder erinner* Ich hatte meine Erinnerungen daran verdrängt T_T

Dafür darfst du nun noch länger auf dein Bild warten (Strafe muss sein) XD

Now Playing said...

haha thats Jolly