Sunday, September 30, 2007

Random Samus Aran

Cause the Metroid Series is still cool :>


Unknown said...

Heh i never play in metroid but they say that is a good game , cool sketch man

crsP said...

She seems pleased with her mammary. What happened to the post on 'Rambos'?

Saskia said...

@mikolaj: Well it freakin is *_* 2D and 3D. I started with the more easy Metroid Fusion and it still is one of my fav games :DD

@crsp: Thanks :D Whats with rambo guys? o_o

Julia said...


finally got around to checking your blog again! these are all so amazing! i don't even know where to start?

The comic you're working on look delicious!

All of these character drawings are incredibly filled with life! I really love how you infuse so much of their character as well as your own twist in each of the fanart things.

You colored something for Eric? What? You gotta show me man! :D

Chainsaw said...

Holy Crap, My wife's online handle is Samus!!

Torokun said...

He he he...


Why is she grabbing her boobs?

Saskia said...

@jules:m aawwwwwwww D=
@james: I guess they feel nice ;) hm...soft =D
@chainsaw: Your wife has a good taste *_*