Monday, July 23, 2007

Ace Attorney/ Gyakuten Saiban

Quick note, i opened my Comic Blog some time ago and now updated it finally, i hope i will be faster the next time :( It´s just in German atm. but with much pictures :)
So i hope you have a look


As said some time ago, i´m a very huge fan from the Capcom Game "Ace Attorney"/"Gyakuten Saiban" for the Nintendo DS....a game about.....Lawyers :D . During the last month i scribbled and painted a lot of small things, and i think i can post my favs here :)
Man I can´t wait for Part 4, the Characters are so great ;_;

btw. visit Court-Records for general info, best AA/Gyakusai Site on the net <3 br="">

(young) Miles,some Phoenix and little Maya :D

Kyouya/Konrad and Kirihito/Kristophe

Maya :D


colored sketches, me was testing again with cel shading

Oekaki, mostly unfinished ._.

Franziska and Miles


Godot looking stoned =D

Phoenix and Maya


<3 br="">


Oksana said...

Wie geil!;_; Der Comic ist einfach klasse. Um was handelt es denn? Und das letzte Miles-Oekaki sehe ich zum ersten Mal. Jetzt hab ich auch Lust PW-Fanart zu zeichnen...

chamba said...

Egads Saskia!

your celshades are as gorgeous as all your other works.
makes alot of us wanna work that much harder.

Tobias Schwarz said...

very nice sketches!

Reynes said...

Thanks to Eric Canete's blog I've just discovered yours. Your sketches are great and your colors beautifull !

Balkandude said...


Chainsaw said...

I love the sensitivity in your faces. when do you graduate?

gdeo said...

Saskia,beautiful piece that you did with are truly talented.

Saskia said...

@oksana_ Danke ;_; Das wär so cool wen du auch PW fanarts machen würdest :(

@chamba: haha, you know, thats , what i am thinking when i see how much you always produce *_*

@tobias schwarz: thank you very much :)

@reynes: Thank you =D

@balkandude: Thank you :D und auch danke fürs linken ;_;

@chainsaw: Thank you so much ;_; I will hopefully graduate in a good year :)

@gdeo:Thank you so much for your words .)

Fränk Spalteholz said...

hey saskia!

your art-work is indeed damn great! keep that level! best wishes!


Skylark- said...

Great sketches - nice line - the last 2 posts are stunning...

sophan said...

wow, you've been busy! all of these look awesome. im a bit curious tho, what is cel shading? is that on photoshop.

m.j. Nuñez said...

wooow..!! muy buenos sketchs y el color es muy bueno..!!

bouss said...

wooow *_*

very impressive

I like your comics style mixxed with manga.

hop! in my links ^^

Katy Hargrove said...

These are great!

Ilaria Catalani said...


Anonymous said...