Sunday, October 29, 2023



Taking a small break from work atm to get back into my personal projects+hobbies, but I was so exhausted that i just slept through the first week haha

 Thought it was very chill this year, I did not realize how much I have been holding my breath all the time ...for whatever reason, cause i really can´t complain about the projects I´m on rn. Non of them had crunch and were for most part pretty much up my alley. But maybe it´s still the muscle memory from the stressful years before.

Unearthed a memory of my trusty Scout Schulranzen.


I had this one in elementary school (not my photo)
A lot of these were created with traffic-safety norms in mind for visibility, i think the yellow-orange was standard, so were the reflective patches. Which makes sense, esp in Winter, going to school when it was still pitch-black outside was pretty common for me. There really was no way around these blinding colors, jokes on them though, I was into that sh+t.

The particular models are not being produced anymore I think ..
So much for todays history lesson, take care!

Still 2020 I think, this was the year were i tried to transition more to Clip Studio for painting, while also figuring out how much i can use blur FX to my advantage. I did not quite work for me here, but this is the stuff you can only figure out, by actually trying things out for real. a.k.a. making mistakes on your own and learning from them.

Lain is a fascinating series, way ahead of its time. It was on a bigger streaming service recently so i could finally watch it in full.
Back in the late 90´s I was on a small holiday trip to Spain with my mother and got a VHS tape with the first 3 Episodes (spanish dub). Also a copy of Layla&Rei by Yu Kinutani, solely based ob the drawings which I liked a lot at the time.  I dont remember if it was any good though. 

Back home I was just confused by what was going on so for the longest time the story stayed in this mysterious realm. But I still loved the visuals and the music.


Low energy (but not low effort)

See you next time!


T said...

This was an enjoyable post to read! Thank you. Look forward to your next one :)

Saskia said...

@T thank you!!