Friday, February 12, 2021



another fire emblem fanart

progress description is under the cut

Over the last 1-2 years i started to use a slightly different approach with my paintings. 
Before, I would always concentrate on the drawn sketch and go through value in greyscale and then color as the last step. 

But I noticed that i personally have an easier time building up the composition and overall image structure by going straight into color first and then draw on top of it for the block-ins as opposed to getting the drawing right first and figuring out the color details while working on it. 
Now I generally try to have the colors from the sketch/thumb be as close as possible to the final result.

This is a slightly counter-intuitive approach for me, but i got used to it very quickly.

Aside from the already mentioned imrpovements, it was also easier to stick to the rendering process as i can now see what i´m working towards. Keeping the motivation up while painting has always been a struggle for me so this is a more than welcome change.

Aside from changing my overall approach, this is the first image where i tried to not use any layer modes to alter color/hues and hand picked every color manually. It was very challenging, but i enjoy the more conscious and controlled decision making when it comes to choosing all the color variations. (though i did add some FX for the sparks like my beloved gaussian blur ^^;)

the initial sketch and a wip

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