Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I´m so sorry for letting so much time pass again :( So much happend I´m not having the time atm to scan the things I did recently.

Here is a lineart Commission I did for Ktshy last Summer ( who is super awesome please visit her BLOG )
Its her sisters Character and the image was a Christmaspresent :D


matt said...

really love those lines saskia! hope u are well

Kemane Ba said...

die sachen von CGhub kannte ich noch garnicht.

NPMartin said...

Great linework! I love the initial sketches, and compositions also!

Twins and Needles said...

Very nice drawings. You work has an effortless sense of movement and life about it. Do you have any other examples of your work online besides this blog?

Anonymous said...

Hach die Perspektive... wirklich beeindruckend

Saskia said...

Thank you all :)

@matt: Thank you, I´m fine

@Andrew Williams: Thank you, for now there is only my cghub account for other works ( http://s-g.cghub.com ) but I´m working on creating a proper portfolio... or at least a place to collect some stuff I create :)

@Athe: Danke :)

Lamar Mathurin said...

I dig it!