Friday, June 26, 2009

My work in Creepy #1

Did a short comic ( together with writer Michael Woods ) for Dark Horse "new" Creepy Comics. I think it will be published around San Diego Comic Con so you might want to check it out, as it has kickass artists like Jason Shawn Alexander *_* lol, i´m too exited.

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  1. congrats, saskia!!!
    i will try to get this comic.

    VERY nice line on this drawing ... by the way:-)

  2. Wow that drawing is so cool! I love the design & lighting.

  3. These are great news! You deserve it :) The drawing is wonderful, too.

  4. Wow! I'm blown away by these last couple of post. Amazing!!!!!

  5. my goodness. these last couple of post looks amazing!

  6. Still in awe of your work saskia. Where did you learn how to draw/paint etc, do you draw everyday? Whats the best way to learn anatomy in your opinion, I really want to improve but not sure which way to go (hence all the "how do you draw questions"). Not looking for your techniques but rather your understanding of your mentality. Your a massive inspiration, keep up the amazing work.

    PS: What pen did you use for this :)

  7. Wow - great news - finally, a comics publisher realized that they couldn't afford to let someone with your talent get away - awesome sketches as per usual...

  8. Awesome! Congrats! Can't wait to see it!

  9. thx for the nice comments
    i'm also excited for this thing hehe

  10. Can't wait to see the comic, hopefully my comic shop ordered it in.
    Also, thanks for the link to my blog and the comment!
    Very much appreciated

  11. @thomas: Wow, danke ;_; Hoffe du wirst nicht enttäuscht. Das Newcomer Label sieht man meinen Zeichnungen an <_<

    @bobby: thank you :)

    @cliz: I ... deserve it ? Danke :)

    @patrick: danke :D

    @rad: Many Thanks !!!

    @andrew: thank you !!! Can say the same things about your postings aswell... i somehow hope that you will one day publish one big book with all your paintings in it ....

    @libra: Wow, thats some kind of difficult question, i suppose everyone has to find their own way of learning.
    I had the luck to got some life drawing classes during high school and while studying design on college, other than that i´m self taught. I did draw/paint a lot before , inspired by animation and manga (traditional media only) . My teacher in life drawing gave one tip that i would say was one big change for me, she encouraged me to make quick gestures to loosing up, i can´t remember if i ever did lifedrawings with a pencil again. Its about beeign concentrated while doing your work, and observe.
    Drawing is imo a head thing, you know all the info for all of your life, you know how an eye looks you know how your feet looks... but you have to learn how to bring it on your piece of paper :)
    Painting is something i learned by observing other artists, i was all about watercolors until i was 19 and got my first own mac with photoshop 6 :D Got my tablet before then though, but haha, no own computer and parental control on my internet activities lol

    And well, it depends, i sometimes draw a lot, sometimes i do not. I must admit, that back then before i had internet access i was more desperate to draw and had more motivation. trying to get this motivation back though....

    i used an ink brush in painter, for the lines and the shading .)

    @skylark, aah, thank you very much, i didn´t know that seeing my work published was so desperatly anticipated ;)

    @rawls: thank you :D

    @jens: Thanks :D

    @scott: np and thank you for the link back :)

  12. maybe that was stupid phrasing, I just wanted to express that your work reached a level where it can be published D: