Wednesday, November 14, 2007


boring fanart w.i.p. , again i am uninspired XDD But Painting is fun :)


  1. Well Saskia, it looks like FUN is what you were havin' when you were paintin' this... I Hope Inspirations comes soon... Love the color choices in this WIP...

    Take Care,


  2. so, why not start to try painting some more enviroment? your characters always are always amazing:-)

  3. @tmalo: Thank you :D

    @thomy: .....das ist ein guter Punkt. Ich drücke mich da immer noch vor D:
    Argh....ok, ich verspreche, der übernächste Post (von diesem aus gesehen wird ein richtiger Hintergrund)
    Und danke für deinen Comment *sich freut* :)

  4. So beautiful... I especially love the Iris fanart. Only a tiny crit -- it seems her upper body / torso is a bit too long... just measure her head-to-body ratio & I think you'll see what I mean. But the colors & expressions are just so lovely.

    Just a stranger, wanted to drop by & tell you how much your art inspires me (particular your GS fanart site!). I've been making a bunch of GS fanarts lately, none as flavorful as yours, but I've been working hard to practice my poses/expressions in my art. You've been a wonderful inspiration for me... thanks so much.

  5. @w: Wow, thank you so much for the sweet comment. It´s nice to hear that a few people look at my fansite from time to time + it makes me unbelievably happy that i inspire someone :D

    And also thank you for the crit, this Part was also bugging me. I definatly will rework it when i (hopefully) find some time