Thursday, December 31, 2009

1st post 2010

ok, so new years eve was already 3 hours ago ( I know, I know, blogger still shows 31st december ), but nevermind: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

I hope all of you are celebrating the new year with nice people :) I definatly did ( and still do, hehe, going back to the party any minute XD ).

2010 is going to be nice i think !! .)

btw. i updated THIS Post with some pre sketches I found yesterday...
Oh and i have a facebook account ... since a few years actually... but now i have this nice ugly badge on the right side of this blog. Isn´t that nice ?

theese sketches are kind of randomly put together. Unfortunatly i´m a bit to tipsy right to remember when I drew them XD

oh hehe, i wanted to participate the nibru meme aswell, but dropped it halway. I still would like to refine this a bit though, as it is so late now anyway i can take my time with this.