Monday, November 21, 2011


This an that, a few oldies, wips and junk. Haha, my drawings have gotten so scruffy XD

Sorry for always beeing absent and thank you so much for over 800 followers. It doesn´t seem much by todays standards but when I started this blog I never expected it to run for so long and have so many visitors. It´s still mindblowing (for me, haha). Thank you!!And I havn´t forgotten about that retrospecive ;)

a bit T&B :3 (wait for more)


  1. You have been missed Ms. Saskia!

    What type of freelance assignments do you normally get?

  2. I usually get inquiries either for Illustration or Comic, every now and then Character or Costume design...

  3. Yessss Tiger and Bunny! *____* Fantastic! Giiirl, we are on the same wavelength!!

  4. yeeeeeah updaaaaaaaates!

  5. Try the Sumi ink 60 by Kuretake! <3

  6. very very niiice , kick ass tiger & bunny !! such a great work.

  7. Too much goodness under one post.
    I'm blown away by the flow of your sketches!!!

  8. @domee ahahaha kind of funny how we always get into the same fandoms eh ? Have you already seen the Trailer for the new gyakusai movie ? Looks like it´s going to be glorious :))

    @devin, hey, thank you for stopping by :)

    @Nari Thanks fo the tip :)

    @kalonji You also watch T&B ? That´s great :)

    @NPMartin Thank you :)

    @Dilanka S Thankies :)

    @algenpfleger Danke, ist super lieb das du vorbeischaust :))