Saturday, October 18, 2008

i´m back

aaah well, long time no see :D
Havn´tr drawn in a long time, but i finally moved from Hildesheim to Bremen... its time to get back in the groove i guess :D
Still need to prepare some stuff but in the meanwhile i can finally post doodles again :)


  1. Wooo~ welcome back! <33

  2. Also yay!
    Last one boggles my mind :O In a good way.

  3. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Hab deine Sachen vermisst o_o!!

  4. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Hey! I saw you on LJ! Your designs are completely amazing!

  5. YES ! Finaly back ! ...

  6. wow the bottom left one is quite amazing! its opened my eyes! i really need to start sketchin in color! i keep a figure studies journal for college. . and so far its pretty mono-tonal :P teehee

  7. @cas: o_o/

    @diantres: :)

    @domee: Thank you :D Welcome back to you too, you were gone for so long :(

    @raghu: Thanks :D

    @tommy: *high five*

    @amanda: Thank you :D

    @jörn: it was about time , i know :(

    @athena: Haha XD hab deine Sachen auch vermisst :( Bin froh das du in letzter zeit so fleißig bist :)

    @maya: Hey maya, thank you :D

    @sourya: Thank you :)

    @marcmccabe: Thank you, lifedrawings will help you a lot and are much fun .)

  8. well I guess I'm a newcomer to your blog, but I absolutely love your work and if it's ok with you, I'll definately be keeping an eye out!