Sunday, January 28, 2007

Acrylics, Oekaki and a bit about my life

EDIT: lol i hate whining , so i deleted this rant post XD

i have absolutely no idea when i did these ones, must be around this time last year :) Pimped the drawings/paintings a little bit in PS

oh, i like this shows one character of an Comic idea that i never realised. Black hair is so cool <3

this one also includes watercolor. I really like that effect when the pencil lines stil shine through a bit ...haha ,when i have more time and courage i will surely do an bigger picture just in Natural media XD I can´t believe that there was atime where i only used natural media <<

Oekaki´s, done with the old OekakiBBS aplet with the solids (that tool REALLY rocks).

and some Sketches

btw.....I´m´tired now


Cheeks said...

your work is INCREDIBLE! WOWSAS! *faints*

Andre said...

Yo saskia! xD is me, Andre Poulain from deviantart =D your super fan number 1 xD i'm very happy when i found your blog^^ nice works, we miss you on DA =(

well, sorry, as ever, for my sucky english, i can't wait for more of your works.

P.D: hey,xD when i was in my second semester in design, i was to do the same work with acrylics xD and i really hateeedd xD
..i'm in art now...ok i hate my class and teachers anyway xD

ok i have to go, good wishes for ya!

Saskia said...

@cheeks: YOUR work is incredible *adores*

@andre: Hey andre, how are you? Yeah, DA is somehow at the moment not the place i like to hang out :/ It feels easier for me to post here more simple things and try outs :/

So how is it going with art? will you post more in your blog? I will link you with the next update :)))))

Sam said...

sehr coole Bilder und Zeichnungen ! wow !!!

Roland Mechael said...

Great sketches Saskia!

Goro said...

awesome sketches!
Great blog!

UM said...

Wunderschoene Arbeit, Saskia! You're very talented, I like coming here.

Chainsaw said...

Your sketches are always so expressive, thanks for creating such lovely art.

Saskia said...

sweet jesus, today is my lucky day it seems :D

@sam: Danke dir :)

@roland: Thank YOU

@goro: Now that is a surprise...i know your works from cgtalk,but i did not recognized your blog :(
Thank you so much for your comment :)

@um:Thank you so much for your comment, that is a pretty big motivation :´)

@chainsaw: I can just say the same about you :D Please post more, o look almost every day at your blog :)))

Todd Harris said...

this is a great blog. really like your work here. total wow factor. great job.

Sourya said...

I get to come here more and more frequently, I like seeing you art! Could you please stay in English, I also like to read about your life... it's also very interesting ^^
Your acrylic sketches are very good! I don't know why, but once we start coloring with the computer, it's kinda hard to get back with traditional media, like we get lazy to open tubes and mixing colors..... it's nice to see you got back there!

Saskia said...

@todd harris: whoa, hey thank you :))

@sourya: sweet comment :) And true words you tell, its pretty hard to get "back to the basics" :/

Anonymous said...

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