Acrylics, Oekaki and a bit about my life

EDIT: lol i hate whining , so i deleted this rant post XD

i have absolutely no idea when i did these ones, must be around this time last year :) Pimped the drawings/paintings a little bit in PS

oh, i like this shows one character of an Comic idea that i never realised. Black hair is so cool <3

this one also includes watercolor. I really like that effect when the pencil lines stil shine through a bit ...haha ,when i have more time and courage i will surely do an bigger picture just in Natural media XD I can´t believe that there was atime where i only used natural media <<

Oekaki´s, done with the old OekakiBBS aplet with the solids (that tool REALLY rocks).

and some Sketches

btw.....I´m´tired now