Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nice Manga

Got plenty of stuff to post, but i don´t with what i could start. Its so boring anyway atm.
And cause i don´t want to make this post completly pointless i will show you some nice mangas i´ve read lately and that are quite nice imo.
All of these are at least (as far as i know) availble in Germany, France and Italy.

1. Shamo by Akio Tanaka (drawings) and Izou Hashimoto (story)

Well, i´ve been following this series for quite a qhile now, but was always afraid to buy book 19... due some licence Problems it won´t be published here any longer, what makes me pissed a little bit (guess i will have to import the books from now on). This Series is awsome.

What i personally like are (of course) the drawings (they are strong and dynamic) and mainly the character developement. Ryo isn´t really likeble at all, i totally disagree with his behaviour and the things he is doing most of the time, yet i want to know how the story goes on.

2. Vertraute Fremde (Harukana machi-e) by Jiro Taniguchi

This should be widely known, Taniguchi gots a lot of praise for his work for a while now. I recently saw it in a bookstore and thought i could give it a try.

I like the slow storytelling , there is no haste and you have a lot of insight to the characters personalitys. Drawings are brilliant aswell...

3.Subaru by Masahito Soda

A young girl and her talent for Ballett, i have just the first book, but i really like it so far. The drawings may look a bit rough, but i´ve rarely found an comic that carrys so much emotion like this one (i mean, it wa soverwhelming sometimes unfortunatly i havn´t found a good example on the net, and i don´t want to rip my book apart while scanning ;). The Story is for mature readers even though the main Character is a young girl. I´m curious how the series will develope :>

Friday, February 15, 2008

more nostalgia

Lady Oscar (Rose of Versailles) was really a nice show (though i´ve never seen more than a few episodes XD)

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Also serveral month old, i planned to make some lines from it. But even after such a long time i still think i should better let it in this sketchy form ( though i could have fixed her feet, but well...). Don´t want to ruin the dynamics.
Flat colours rule btw.

Sorry for not replying comments lately, i´m braindead from watching to much キーボードクラッシャー videos on nicovideo XDDD

Friday, February 01, 2008


Internship is over ( T_T it was sooo nice ), Homework is done (Yesss)...I´m officially free now...well at least for a month, next semester is my last. And i still have to prepare my diploma porject :(

But well, i try to get back to the groove, me needs to do more sketches...

Unfinished Nana fanart (wonderful manga *_*)....

EDIT: Honey, second try....and failed XDD But the lines were fun :>

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

comic stuff

Posting the comic stuff (or better said: Parts of it i´ve done for school almost an half year ago...i actually don´t want to show the whole thing cause its just messy, rushed and so much trash XDDD I think i will post some more concepts when i´ve cleaned my harddrive a bit.
Basicly i can say that this whole comic was some kind of test for me, and it was a lot of fun. Though, next time , i think, i will do the characters in cell shading and just the background painted :/

Some of these characters are not in the final result...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This should belong to my fansite, but cause i don´t want this blog to die i post it here, i broke the promise to post a background... -- .
Happy new year btw. i hope you all had a nice time? Christmas Holidays are over since two days and i started working again. The Semester is almost over, i am exited. In Summer i will be more school then :> It feels strange to think about that XDDD

reworking trainscribbles is surprisingly much fun.... and a good training for inking

(small warning for big file) far away from beeing done....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

bye bye 2007, hello 2008 !

Slowly this year comes to an end so i´d like to wish you all a happy new year ;) 2008 will be a good year for everyone (hopefully). I wish you all the best :)
Well, i will drive home for a few days...i think this is the first since about 4 years that i celebrate new years eve with family XDD

And here is a nice demo from one of my faviorite animators, Tatsuyuki Tanaka.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Started this yesterday at work (of course during the breaks ;)).
I was trying some things with textures, the motive itself is of course pretty random and characters doesn´t belong together ( to explain the size difference).
And I am sorry for showing again a knight ... i just love shining armor *_* Dunno, if i want to go on with the painting :)

EDIT: Forgot this one...

Thursday, November 15, 2007


boring fanart w.i.p. , again i am uninspired XDD But Painting is fun :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

*_* + EDIT

Links are now in alphabetic order....phew. XD

And i am on the hype train now...just a few more days *_*

This will be so awsome !!!


Was cleaning my work folder and found some junks, that i have done to Test brushes in Painter. Some are quite old, some are more or less new :/