Monday, June 07, 2010

Commissions !

Hey guys, I´m doing commissions right now during June ( sketches, lines, Illustrations etc. ). I did a test run a few days ago before on deviantart, but I´m already finished with most of them. Couldn´t imagine how much fun it is to draw other peoples characters but I´m also doing fanart if this is up your ally ;)
So I can take 2 or 3 more offers from here aswell.
Send your inquiry at saskia(a) if your are interested :)

EDIT: wip update


Unknown said...

great mood piece.

Anonymous said...

Really really a good blog!!!, i have enjoyed a good time at here.

Kemane Ba said...

sehr schöne pinselflatscher saskia!!

Okha said...

Wieviel kostet ein Anri-sketch?;D

BTW: Bin schon gespannt, wie die fertigen Bilder aussehrn werden. Dieser wip sieht klasse aus!<3

Lucca said...

Ich freu mich immer so über ein neues Update von dir.

Das schöne an dieser WIP-Illustration sind die vielen Dinge, die man darauf entdecken kann. :D kriegen wir irgendwann die fertige Version zu sehen?

Unknown said...

Been loving your work Saskia -I'm a fan!

jamie holmes said...

I really like your work.

Saskia said...

@octavio: Thank you :))

@moski: Thanks :)

@Caccaduu: Danke :)

@Okha: Du kriegst auch so was ;)

@Lucca: haha, danke :) Ich würds wirklich gerne fertig machen :)

@scott: Thank you so much :)

@Jamie: Thanks :)