Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 goodies

found them in my itunes folder lol I probably moved them there by accident.


  1. WOW. breathtaking! I love following your artwork. O_O

    please post more~

  2. Quick! Look in the system folder! ;)

    Inspirational work. Thanks for amazing us!

  3. Oh, cool. Super strich und das verrückt proportionierte Mädel xD und die Heren da unten, herrlich.
    Schöne Sachen c:

  4. Very cool blog Saskia! I really dig your stuff

  5. these are really cool

  6. Amazing. Such great dimension and volume on those faces.

  7. Your stylizations rock! Inspired!

  8. God bless us all, more Saskia sketches! 8D I could stare at these all day~ Love Ranma's (I assume it's Ranma?) deliciously defined hands, hot damn! *_*

  9. Ah wie schön! Ich liebe deine Gesichte und FIguren, sie sind so realitisch und so schön plastisch!

  10. Is that Black Rock Shooter? ;__; <3<3<3<3
    Love them!

  11. fresh very inspiring !

  12. Supercool blog, Saskia! Very inspiring

  13. its really amazing, you rock!

  14. 相変わらず上手いなーーー!! 生き生きしてる!!

  15. I'll say I've rarely seen a talent like yours.
    Hope all is well in Bremen.

  16. I really enjoy your art, you have a great knowledge of anatomy, and lots of talent. Question: Why do you usually paint in grayscale? it's just for exercise? I like to see more things in color.
    If you like, take a look at my blog. Greetings.

  17. really I am a big fan of your work!!

  18. great sketches

  19. they´re great!

    you have a new fan...


  20. glad you found them, amazing work!!

  21. you have a beautiful line, you have great works here...!

  22. Saskiaaaaaaa!!! It's been a while, but every time I look at your drawings it's like a big slap in the face of awesome. :D

    HAY! Did I ever send you a copy of my book?!?! If not I need your mailing address so I can send you oneeeeee. <3

  23. @brigitte: Thank you :)

    @Clean3D: Oh I looked but theres nothing ;D

    @Lucca: Ja... nackte Männer... zeichne ich gerne.... manchmal.... ja..

    @Wayne: Thank you !

    @yigi: Thank you :)

    @pbcbstudios: Thanks

    @Carl Knox: Thank you :) Glad you like them

    @Chelsea Stebar: Thank you for your comment

    @LeJean: Thank you :D

    @2beats: Yay, it´s Ranma-chan. Such a great show it was ;_;

    @Maiyue: Danke :)

    @Illaria Catalani: Ah no, just a random girl with pigtails ;)

    @Rad Sechrist: Thank you :)

    @kalonji: thank you, the compliment goes straight back to you ;)

    @shilpi: you ok ;) ?

    @cederic: Thank you

    @Jonathan Floyd: Thank you :)

    @mylydy: So do you :))

    @トロンちゃん: はい!生きますw ありがとう!!!

    @marcos: Thank you so much, and yes all is well here :)

    @giacobino: Thank you for your comment and question. Actually I´m not usually painting grayscale, I just don´t upload my colorwork ;)
    And while I started painting grayscale to get better at nailing down volume, I know use this way of rendering for fun and cause i like it , simply :)

    @mylydy: ahaha, there you are again XDD Thank you so much :DD

    @XAV: thank you so much :)

    @Carol: my, thank you ! I am very glad :)

    @Fabian: Thanks :)

    @ Aleta Vidal: Thank you :DD

    @Julia: Oh God Jules, whats up ? haha you mean the children book ? no i never got a copy, I mean I´d love to get one :DD Whats your email ??

  24. not the kids book the art book/sketchbook?? the kids book i haven't gotten all of them printed out yet, i only have the chinese version printed! send me your address via facebook or something?!?!

  25. I had no idea !! Why havn´t you told me earlier about an artbook from you , dang !!

  26. it's so rare and cool to see an artist who just GETS IT like you! ;3; looking at your stuff makes me want to pick apart my techniques and learn as much as i can, so that maybe someday i'll acquire half of the knowledge you've earned. you are so unbelievably inspiring!

  27. Your work is amazing! I just browsed the archives and am in awe. Such great drawing.