Wednesday, September 23, 2009

yo, I´m really happy for you. Imma let you finish...

a small update, to much work atm. so you guys will still have to wait for my usual waves of spam :|

Here is the original. I´d like to thank everyone who stayed since then ... geez, it so strange to look at theese XD


  1. always look forward to your updates, even if it is a small one!
    saskia spam is always good too!

  2. Lookin good. Nice fluid lines

  3. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Finallyyyyyy, can't express how much I missed your work!

  4. top notch as always

  5. やあ!!!

    I began blog of the English version, too!
    My English is strange....... うーむむむ

    I look forward to your work.

  6. ... but saskia had one of the best sketchdumps OF ALL TIME~!! XDD *gets shot*

    love your lines so much, inspiring as always <3

  7. Man, Your work is amazing!! are you working in some publications?

    (english is not my native lenguage) Greetings

  8. Good work again. The line in these drawings is beautiful.

  9. Hi Saskia

    you probably don't know me, but I love your work and I did a post about it on my blog.

    I hope you comment and tell us your secrets.

    Your fan


  10. Hi Saskia. I just saw your work through John Kricfalusi's blog, and I must say that it's phenomenal! Your lines and solid poses are terrific. I took the time to see your actual blog and lots of other great things are here as well. I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  11. Incredible, yes..... O_O

    I've got a question: how long you've been practising life drawing? Was it influential to you? (I know the answer is obvious, but I'd like to know how you see life drawing as a tool)

    thanks for the share!

  12. Love your Avatar. Mario kicking Yoshi ! ROFL !

  13. You can really draw hands and feet. Did you use ref for those?

    Are you a member of I was wondering if you have a sketchbook thread there.

    Fantastic work! I'm glad to see it.

  14. auuuggghhtthhhpppttt i have so much catching up to do!

    your work. it is beautiful and fun!

  15. Lovely, as always. I love the color sheme you did in this last one.

  16. @jeffrey lai: Thank you very much :)

    @adonyoogle: Thankies :D

    @athena: Vielen Dank, du bist ja zum Glück auch wieder fleissig atm. :)

    @Patrick: danke .)

    @YNHeller: Thank you for your visit :)

    @トロンちゃん: コメントありがとうございます、英語が上手いよ!!本当に嬉しいです!トロンたんのブログをリンクしました!!٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

    @wendi: Aahha, that meme is so great, it always makes me laugh. Thank you very much :)

    @rawls: Thank you !

    @sebastian: I do , thank you for your comment :)

    @Marcos Mateau: Thank you a lot, much apreaciated !

    @JohnK: Thank you, its really flattering getting this kind of praise :D

    @Nicolaz martinez: Thank you very much for your kind words :))

    @ She-Thing: On and off 5-6 years :) Yes it was influential ...
    Thank you very much for stopping by :)

    @Rick Roberts: Yeah isn´t it ? Poor Yoshi :)

    @Pat: Thank you, I´m not usings refs. And I´m a member there but having no thread atm.
    Thank you .)

    @the plummer: Haha, that says the right one, i love your work :D

    @Howard Shum: Thank you .)

    @Clo: Ehehe, Thank you a lot for coming to this place !!

  17. hell yea! I just found Saskia's blog. omg it's taken long enuff. saskia prepare to get rolled.

    blog rolled that is :p HEY-Oh!

    Loved your work since the moment i laid my eyes on it.


  18. Anonymous4:11 PM

    John K just plugged you, way to go!

  19. I really lke your stuff.
    Have a look at mine if you have time and tell me what ya think.

  20. Hallo Saskia! Bin jetzt schon ein Fan von Dir und schwer beeindruckt!!! Superschöne sketches!! Einfach alles gefällt mir!

  21. Love your work, your line is so lively yet clean. Always makes me smile to see your posts.

  22. I'm a huge fan! Your work is absolutely amazing! Keep it up!

  23. MIss, you sure can handle you some lines.

  24. Simply incredible. You are bookmarked.