Saturday, December 29, 2007

bye bye 2007, hello 2008 !

Slowly this year comes to an end so i´d like to wish you all a happy new year ;) 2008 will be a good year for everyone (hopefully). I wish you all the best :)
Well, i will drive home for a few days...i think this is the first since about 4 years that i celebrate new years eve with family XDD

And here is a nice demo from one of my faviorite animators, Tatsuyuki Tanaka.


Unknown said...

Happy holidays/new years to you too :D~ Ahhh, 2007 was mad crazy! And so's Tatsuyuki Tanaka, that man is one disturbed animator!

Oh btw... The Japanese release of Flower, Sun & Rain is coming out March 6 according to the official website. It's gonna feel like waiting for TnT all over again unless they were crazy enough to include english on the Japanese port.

Kajiba said...

Happy New Years and all that good stuff.

Have a great one and have fun.