Saturday, September 24, 2011


random ballpoint sketches ( I actually want to do a more refined lineart from some figures )

and not so random gestures, have been practising from a DVD


Mike said...

What dvd r u using if you dont mind me asking?

Saskia said...

International breakdance competition ( the national competions are nice too )! I have a weak spot for breakdance :)

You will find just as interesting movements with any liverecording from sport events, so I´d recommend something that you are interested in or find useful for whatever you want to learn.

NPMartin said...

Saskia, I love your work sooo dang much.
Thanks a lot for the tip on watching DVD's for drawing gestures; I've been browsing soccer/dancing photography but I feel like watching the actual movement would be a bit better... *scours internet*

Anonymous said...

Oh, your stuff so much(u best;))...I was for long time looking for good ref. for some sketching in motion and never were really happy about, some sumo, kung fu, and such...i looked at that dvd you refered and I really liked it...i am gonna get me some ;) thnx

Ying-Hsuan (Jennifer) Chen said...

these are amazing!:)

kalonji said...

i dont know how you do that but this is really really good !!

Nicholas Hong said...

wow...very intense sketches and studies!

Trungle of the Jungle said...

Your work is so beautiful, from every gesture to every completed piece.

aisha said...

beautiful sketches and for a great cause! thank you for sharing!
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