Days are passing by, and i have again some kind of an artblock XD Pretty stupid, my work for school just goes on very slow and I´m not happy with the results when there are results) :/ No Motivation at all.
So I´m currently doing just random things and waste my time on the net (internet is daaangerous oo)

I want to do some character designs, and these are some sketches, they are inspired by some of my classmates :)


This were two characters from an old movie projekt in 2nd or 3rd semester....i worked together with another classmate and we really did a rush job on it (had one week, cause we waited so long haha), long story...the animation from me was so shitty, i just started just like that without preparation,but we made the clip in time (station ID about history, we choose Jazz as a theme ). Somehow we tricked so much to make the film look good, to bad that i don´t have the file on my computer anymore.

BLOOD is such a cool movie....I want the old Saya back ._. and Katsuya Terada´s Character Design. I really don´t like the look from the TV Series :(

color tests

unfinished, I tried to make something in that style Takehiko inoue uses for his Vagabond Comic *adores*...So this is half acrylic/half Photoshop :) I think i will make a real fanart next time