Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Days are passing by, and i have again some kind of an artblock XD Pretty stupid, my work for school just goes on very slow and I´m not happy with the results when there are results) :/ No Motivation at all.
So I´m currently doing just random things and waste my time on the net (internet is daaangerous oo)

I want to do some character designs, and these are some sketches, they are inspired by some of my classmates :)


This were two characters from an old movie projekt in 2nd or 3rd semester....i worked together with another classmate and we really did a rush job on it (had one week, cause we waited so long haha), long story...the animation from me was so shitty, i just started just like that without preparation,but we made the clip in time (station ID about history, we choose Jazz as a theme ). Somehow we tricked so much to make the film look good, to bad that i don´t have the file on my computer anymore.

BLOOD is such a cool movie....I want the old Saya back ._. and Katsuya Terada´s Character Design. I really don´t like the look from the TV Series :(

color tests

unfinished, I tried to make something in that style Takehiko inoue uses for his Vagabond Comic *adores*...So this is half acrylic/half Photoshop :) I think i will make a real fanart next time


  1. Hello there. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really love your loose gestural line work. Really energetic and lively!

  2. Hey np, you have really cool stuff on your blog :) Thank you for comment here

  3. great lovely sketches!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! love dha style!...

  5. Really nice sketches, very lively and appealing!

  6. Wieder super Skizzen !!!
    Ich mag die Perspektive in der du die Frau die sich grade streckt gezeichnet hast. Auch beneidenswert wie du die Texturen in den farbigen Bildern hinbekommen hast ! Hast du dafür eigene Pinselspitzen in Photoshop/Painter erstellt ?

  7. @roland: Thank you so much :)

    @sourya: Thank you, that makes me happy :)

    @andy: Thank you, i´ve looked your blog. You are such a good artist :D

    @sam: Hey, danke fürs vorbeischauhen :) Also ich benutze generell nur Standard brushes in PS oder Painter. Der Rest lässt sich mit Texturen erledigen, oder auch einfach mal Skizzen mehrmals übereinander legen, das sieht auch sehr interessant aus :)
    www.mayang.com/textures <---eine große Fundgrube an freien Texturen :)

  8. Vielen Dank, da muß ich mal vorbeisurfen !

  9. You know your work has a nice flow to it, something that alot of people lack. I'm glad you have that integrated into your style. Great job on the wrinkles and poses.

  10. super, j'adore tes crayonnés

  11. @saigonradio: Thank you very much :) Also for looking here, that is truly great motivation for me :) You are a artist i look up to :)

    @thierry martin: Merci =)